Issue with chat command /cmf /camouflage

Have been having issues with the chat command to change weapon camos on the fly. I have attempted commands such as /cmf gyokumaizuru or /cmf bladeofgenesis and have had issues. Commands like /cs kabukicyclone[ba] will work just fine but i have yet to be able to change my weapon camo.

You need the "*" in the name of the camo, for example, "/cmf *bladeofgenesis".

Thank you, I find it strange that the * is part of the weapon camo's name, considering costumes don't have them.

I always assumed it was a way to allow players (and maybe even the system itself) to quickly identify what was a weapon versus what was a camo when searching, whether it be through the partial Candidate Search, or when seeing it on a Scratch page, after all, there are some camos and weapons that have the same name, like Lightning Espada.