Weapon Transmutation Bug / Automate Halfline Bug

I transmuated the "BladeShadow" katana APPEARENCE over my Nemesis Courgar and now the "Purifying Shield" proc no longer activates. Tested this for several hours. DO NOT TRANSMUTE YOUR WEAPONS until this is fixed. Very pissed off. Wish there was a way to remove the weapon transmutation. You can't even appear to override it with a different one. This is completely unacceptable and should be something the pop up window SHOULD warn you about

Another issue is as of the last patch "Automate Halfline" from the Hunter Class no longer works in Naverious Ultimate Quest. Works fine in most other content. Note: Was working fine before the last update. There were no changes to my equipment or build aside from adding another two or three points into "Side Step Plus" so unless that breaks it for some reason this is a bug that needs fixing.

Has this been fixed?