Got disconnected from an urgent quest

So my internet died all of a sudden while running a normal difficulty urgent quest around an hour ago. Upon re-logging in I believed that I could no longer rejoin the instance so I did a client order instead. And then I get 9 kudos from the people in the urgent quest. I have no idea what this means. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

@Tyrsbane11 I'm pretty sure, at least from what I've seen, as long as you were in the quest, even after you quit/get disconnected, the player board on quests that support the kudos function, such as the mining bases on Lilipa, (probably butchering the spelling here) will continue to show those players on the board. They just won't have a score, and in fact will have a flat line instead of a zero. So after the quest is completed, you still get the kudos, as your name is still there.

I keep getting kicked from urgent quests, usually it’s after the boss dies while I’m waiting for the loot to spawn so I rarely get my loot but the new dark falz apprentice urgent quest that’s on at the moment I can’t even get to the boss fight, every time I do it the game disconnects me as soon as we shoot dark falz apprentice in the face with a cannon and I cannot get any further.

@AvengingAndy I've been having the same problem but worse. Every time I go on a quest the game suddenly starts making enemies invincible, and then it error 630 me.

I just got dced from servers on super hard difficulty beat the boss and as soon as loot drop server dc really upsetting