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I would 100% support a vote kick system. Works perfectly fine in FFXIV, I don't see why it can't work in other games. Will there be trolls that will abuse it? Sure. But really, did you want to play with those people anyway? I see that as dodging a bullet.

100% disagree, just because it "MAY" work in other games, doesn't mean it work the same here.

@Lorient It's only one instance now, but the fact that it can happen means it will happen again and again and again till that number no longer is 1 but 10,000. What I mention is stuff that builds up over time, It would be silly if it only happened once and only once, forever. And like SleeprunnerInc said, your "Will there be trolls that will abuse it? Sure. But really, did you want to play with those people anyway?" is a poor argument, no offense. You can't expect everyone to just be okay with it, it's frustrating, so frustrating that, as I said before, I had to quit Rainbow Six Seige for my own mental health, and even refuse to do duties or raids in FFXIV to help people complete it so they can get the rewards, all because some amazing dev thought it was a great system to implement, thinking as well that it's perfect and can't be abused. Going in there to have fun or to get rewards, just to get kicked at the start or before the end is upsetting, and if it isn't upsetting for you, that's fine, but it's upsetting for us.

I don't approve of it at all. You'd think the word of a victim would be more powerful than someone who doesn't experience it personally, enough to the point where it starts to effect them mentally. If anything I'm just offering my experience and knowledge to avoid the same thing from happening to someone else because it's not fun at all thinking like this, but it's just discarded most of the time and labeled as "that's just you, no one else experiences that". I start thinking, why is there such a system implemented, it shouldn't be like this at all, yet they have all the power in the world to do it, and even if you can report them, the damage is done already, you realize that the problem is never fixed, which basically sounds more that the company caters more to toxic players because they refuse to change their systems to something that can't allow them to attack innocent players. That's also when you realize that it's time to quit the game if you can't risk it anymore. You're looking for a fun time, not to be harassed by players for absolutely nothing. If you argue "the damage is done" for the afk, I'd say it's not at the same level as this because, the afk isn't verbally attacking you or has a personal hatred towards you. This is a personal attack and that's way worse than what an afk can ever do, just by standing there.

Edit: I also agree to the agree to disagree, but I still would like to talk about it, feel free to reply or not. I'm just curious, and yes, I do have reason for it, one I can't really help anymore.

@Hiyori-Usagi As long as the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, there's no reason to implement a system.

For some people it seems like the best system ever and I do agree that it DOES help in some cases to combat harrasment, afkers, leechers etc.

But in the grand scheme, it's also used as an instrument to damage the game more than help it.

That's why the better system is to just leave it as the report system because effectively if someone argues that if you get kicked, you could just leave before risking the fight taking ages.

It accomplishes the same thing and at the very least if the person truly is AFK, they will have sat there alone in the UQ for 10-30 mins.

While you went and did another UQ.

Rest assuredly the report system is the best way because if one is found to repeatedly do this, they will get a much harsher punishment than just a kick.

Because if we had the kick vote, the devs would not care as much about someone afking as they would just tell you to vote kick.

So ye.

@SleeprunnerInc I completely agree with you, but you know, that I know, that you know, that I will agree with you since we've both agreed already before on this matter. 😉

Those kick systems have their moments, but that's all they are, moments. And those games already come with the kick system built into it, which attract a specific kind of crowd, just like this game has its own crowd and a kick system built into it but only for parties, this could also be (or not) a message saying that they don't trust the player base with that much power. And if it wasn't clear, I wouldn't blame them for feeling that way, because I don't trust players with that much power either, even if they are good.

I had a player quite recently without going into too much detail in an ultimate quest, that i'd been watching while going through the various packs who'd occasionally jump in, give a mob one or two light taps then go to the back out the way and run circles, and this is fairly consistent for a a fair while. To the point of where I just made the room aware of them and to report it. Honestly, it's one of the times I wish there was a kick system. I understand sometimes you need to brb for a bio, phonecall etc but when you're making it obvious and doing it for 30 mins+ I'm going to take up a lot of issue. As that's a lot of effort from other players being made far harder and leeched on for anothers personal gain.

@Lorient FFXIV also has a far more mature community than most online games. I would trust most of them with things you can't really trust people in other games to handle.

As far as immaturity goes, tons of people just like to start advance missions, extreme quests, or time trials, start it and then they back out. 😕

@ZeeHero9271 I can agree with this wholeheartedly.