Vote to kick system

I would 100% support a vote kick system. Works perfectly fine in FFXIV, I don't see why it can't work in other games. Will there be trolls that will abuse it? Sure. But really, did you want to play with those people anyway? I see that as dodging a bullet.

@Lorient My only issue isn't so much the trolls but how they design a vote to kick system. If it requires you to go out of your way to vote it should be fine, but if it just pops up in the middle of the screen asking players to say press Y for yes N for no. Than one having it pop up will be annoying. An two lazy people will just accept and press yes without even reading what it is that popped up in front of them or really care that there kicking people. I've seen this happen many times during my time in Albion online. I've even had it happen to me a few times and always asked why they voted to kick me and get responses "Oh that what the pop up was my bad".

An honestly I think a better solution for the OP issue would just be a simple afk timer kick. I'll admit I've seen many people afk in urgent as well even lost on magatsu because 8 people that joined just stood afk the whole time. It even be easier for the devs to program as well since all it need to do is calculate the last time a player pressed a key in the game than just DC them from the lobby if said time occurs. VS having to code a whole new UI and make multiple scripts to calculate players voting.

@Lorient I already had it used on me in FFXIV and I'm not a troll, I stay quiet and keep to myself, I'm a great scholar able to multitask and keep everyone alive, you never hear a peep from me besides me telling people they're welcome for the res when they say ty to me, how do you defend that? Also, the kick system in FFXIV was really hard to use against someone in FFXIV, it was almost nearly impossible to get an afk player kicked from a raid, your entire squad to stop attacking, if one player were to engage in battle, the vote could not begin, knowing how difficult it is to pull that off because some players don't read or care, it only takes 1 player to mess it up for everyone else. Even tho it was that hard to pull it off, it was still used on me. No matter how hard you make it, people can and will abuse it on innocent players. So, no, it does't work perfectly in FFXIV, in fact, there were even times wheres players would cause raid wide wipes on purpose and they don't get kicked, so we had to push through with a handicap.

@Hiyori-Usagi I played XIV from the time Levi dropped until just after Shadowbringers and have never once been kicked from a party (I am also a SCH main). I have very rarely ever seen someone just kicked for no reason from a party. Usually, in the healer case its because the healer couldn't keep the tank up during a large pull (which, granted, is sometimes the tank's own fault), or because the healer is just standing around between heals and not trying to contribute to the group DPS. While these might not always be justified, its not "for nothing".

Also, unless you were playing on controller, it was incredibly easy to start a vote kick. You can do it while the party is attacking and they normally respond after the current pull.

@Lorient Yeah, and I'm speaking for the cases in which they do happen. Just cause you have no knowledge of it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen, this is me telling you it exists. And just to clarify, I can keep up with a tank or more and my entire squad team and sometimes even other squads when they wipe, I understand why a healer would probably get kicked and it sounds like "If a healer can't keep up, they don't deserve to play." which is very messed up, again, I understand why. But I don't think that justifies them to kick a player that isn't doing anything wrong besides enjoying the game.

Edit: My friend also never encounters these things, and then he parties up with me and sees the stuff I go through, then he's completely surprised and starts to see it without me after that. Telling me I cursed him.

@Hiyori-Usagi While the discussion of healer roles is something I don't particularly want to get into, I just still have a hard time believing that there are THAT many people just booting random people from parties for no reason. Especially because nobody I know on the Primal DC has every experienced it on anything close to a common basis.

@Lorient My argument was that the vote kick system is flawed, I point out the flaw, and if it can happen to someone at least once, once is enough in my book. If you believe that once is not enough (not saying that you do) then I will respect that, but I won't agree with it.

@Hiyori-Usagi Yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree. I don't believe that one instance of misuse is enough to write off the entire vote kick system.

@Lorient said in Vote to kick system:

I would 100% support a vote kick system. Works perfectly fine in FFXIV, I don't see why it can't work in other games. Will there be trolls that will abuse it? Sure. But really, did you want to play with those people anyway? I see that as dodging a bullet.

It's not that good in FFXIV.

And the argument: Well if you got kicked, you didn't wana play with them anyways with them'' is a poor argument.

If yer completely quiet and actually doing stuff and someone starts a vote on ye and yer the one carrying them basically, then you got screwed and wasted time and effort you could have spent elsewhere.

It's not fun and this happens alot even in FFXIV.

Imagine spending a shit ton of time in a UQ and being near or at the end of the fight and suddenly you get vote kicked before you get the loot and you were actively participating in the fight but someone had a grudge on ya or their finger slipped and people wanted to troll.

It's NOT a good system and there is not a good argument out there for it.

EDIT: I started back before Castrum Meridianum was a thing in Realm reborn, stopped after completing shadowbringers and I've seen just about every type of toxicity in the game.

I was also an active Feast player and was part of the top 10 in Chaos data center for a while before dropping to 50-60 because of boosters. (Frogwell Raincroak) was my name and I went by Linedwell Rainrix aswell before that.

Regarding XIV, there are alot of people turning a blind eye to the bad things that happen in the game and that's something you can see on the forums with people defending the game and some toxic stuff such as kicking a healer for not DPSing (It's not their job to DPS and Yoshi P has said that each content is made so you can get through it without healers DPSing and that their one and only job is to heal and keep you alive.).

One of the worst cases I can recall is when the TOS changed so that if you badmouth a specific content or don't like it and voice it, you cna be reported for disruptive or negative behaviour and reprimanded for lessening someone's enjoyment of the game.

Kinda screwed up right? (I'll return later with some proof on that.)

・Expressions that compel a playing style ・Expressions that attempt to unilaterally exclude someone from the game or content/community, etc. (Except when in accordance with rules set by an administrator such as a Free Company Master) ・Expressions that contravene public order and morals ・Other expressions that are offensive to another person

Specifically the Playing style part and the bottom one.

@SleeprunnerInc You and I will have to agree to disagree. I disagree with a lot of what you posted but I'm not getting into a multiple topic debate with you about it. Let's just say our opinions on a lot of things differ and leave it at that.

@Lorient I respectfully agree to disagree with the vote kick topic and that we in good faith have shaked hands in peace and declared that though we disagree, we are still politely conversing.

Just to make it sound spicy XD

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