Vote to kick system

@ElementalEffigy That's the thing.. I dont join.. IF I have to do something, Ill sit in the lobby and come back after I am done.

@DDDDLife then my post has nothing to do with someone like you. Who is a decent person to the other players. Not everyone is that decent to others.

@Kichwas exactly what I mean.

@Shadowen It might be ok if it requires a unanimous vote.

@DDDDLife said in Vote to kick system:

Here we are again with some rambling about someone who is upset with the current environment. SOME of us, Believe it or not , HAVE ABSOLUTE REAL LIVES! Now you want to punish someone because we suddenly went AFK to go do some laundry or even make dinner for that matter.? I understand that just maybe you want to play in an never ending BINGE, But at the same time, ( Like me anyways), I have to keep my sanity and that means by keeping life in a balance that would otherwise drive me crazy.

Then take care of those things either before or after you complete the UQ. We all have lives - that's no excuse however for queing up and entering an UQ, then immediatly going AFK, especially when most UQ's aren't going to take you more than 15 minutes to complete anyways. Laundry can wait to be taken out or folded until after you're done if it goes off while you're playing. If dinner has to be made, then be an actual adult and start on it before starting up another quest.

If you have to use the restroom in the middle of a quest, let the dog out, etc., that's different, as those tasks generally don't take more than a few moments. But folding laundry? Making Dinner? Crap like that should be taken care of before or after - there is zero excuse for you to join a mission, than immediately go AFK to do something that's going to take longer than the actual mission it's self.

That's just being disrespectful to those you're playing with.

I agree, if you have to leave during an EQ, leave. log off. dont afk.

@Blade-Syphon But I am trying to tell you , I dont start an UQ and Just merely goto the Shopping district. Or event the Casino.

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No, vote kick system are always easy to be abuse by trolls. Just report and move on.

Truth. /Thread

They should just implement a system that automatically disconnects players in a p2p environment after so many minutes of inactivity.

Isn't very hard and satisfies all concerns, except those who intentionally do it of course.

This game has a kick system its under the party screen.

@Pulptenks trolls abuse the report system on a daily basis. By your logic we should remove the report system as well. Since trolls just troll it.

Hmmm it's almost like trolls will troll no matter what is in place. Guess we can't have anything then.

@animeregion the smarter of the bunch do not join a group and stay solo. To prevent said action from happening.

@John-Paul-RAGE something like that would be okay. No matter what trolls will troll. If we left everything up to them. We would have nothing for the rest of us.

@ElementalEffigy There are major different between the abuse of report system and vote kick system. Vote kick system involve innocent player to get into such a way that they cannot control or avoid. While the abuse of report system can be avoided when the GM/Admin took a proper look at the situation, if it's clearly a fake report, the player won't get into any problem. While Vote kick system, the player who get abuse by trolls can't do anything until a GM respond or stop the abuser from doing any further harm to other players. And I've seen plenty of player who just join in the abuse of the vote kick by voting Yes Kick him because its fun or it's because the abuser happen to be his guild mate or friends. I've experienced this such abuse in many online games before and it's going to cause many players leave or rage.

DO you think its fun seeing player "Shadowen vote kick ElementalEffigy for: Ey man, you stole my crystall in MDB1" and spam the shit out of this? We know GM can't be online 24/7 or even respond to report in real time straight away. What do you think the player who are being abuse suppose to do while wait for the GM? Beg the trolls to stop? leave the Urgent quest 12/12 party and miss out some of the events?

@ElementalEffigy said in Vote to kick system:

@Pulptenks trolls abuse the report system on a daily basis. By your logic we should remove the report system as well. Since trolls just troll it.

By your logic I don't think you're able to make a proper analyzes of the reality versus report abuse and actual moderator investigations. Vote Kick abuse just ruins for actual people behind their screen when unjustified.

A player's tool to decide who play or not should never be in a game. If you don't want to play with someone again, block their Xlive ID.

Honestly if someone afks in a urgent I cant really get upset fast at all. Reasons being I have to put the fact I have no idea whats going on, on their side of the screen. Could be lag, a fire breaking out, medical emergency, etc. I cant judge because everyones had their moment of afking when they deep down know its the worst time to.

But for those that afk just because theyre lazy? It blows. Truly does. A vote to kick would be nice, incase of harassment and such though.

I still feel either reporting is best way to handle it or to have some sort of time idle disconnect. Though similar to GTA V afk money glitch one can always rubber band. But Voting takes time away from an UQ that you are already handicapped on because 1 member is afk, if you have to start to the voting process then that makes 2 people not doing the uq. Yes there are fast ways of doing it, but in all honesty I don't think the vote to kick has ever been more helpful than annoying. To many times have people (entire troll teams) tried initiating a kick for no reason, sometimes because I took out the whole enemy team in ( tc Rainbow 6 Seige.) A lot of time in kick systems it doesn't even state why the kick is being implemented and as a player doing a vote if it says yes/no without a reason someone who is doing there fair share of work may be kicked and lose out for no real reason.

Well, I was very active in Magatsu and still got kicked from a party, spammed magiverse, while attacking weak points and buffing the entire time.