Vote to kick system

First of all, I have to ask. Why are so many people afking urgents? There's been a minimum of 1 afk player per run in every urgent today. I get you've "done" this 100 times. You have a choice to just not screw over the other 11 people and sit it out.

That aside something needs to be added so we can just remove said offenders from our urgents. We are already undermaned and not like the get penilized for leaving the quest, anyways. Im not going to do all the work so they can get the rewards. But it's personalized! Leeches do not add anything thing to the group. Best to be rid of them.

@ElementalEffigy Just find the player and report them. Or if they are in a party with someone then the party leader "can" kick them. If the leechers are smart enough they will just go in as a solo player to avoid being kicked. Sadly It might take too long to initiate a kick vote while people are busy doing the actual Urgent Quest. I know I don't have time to type really during UQ. Again, Report them when that happens.

I do, but i understand that it takes time to sort through the reports and gms probably get a lot of them. Some way to remove them currently would be nice, but that too will take time.

Hi, I'm sorry, but did you happen to be at a normal difficulty UQ? That completed around 30 minutes ago?

@ElementalEffigy Yes it does. Don't get me wrong, afk players leeching like that will eventually get punished for that, and a kick system would be nice. But considering that if you join randoms, understand that anything is possible.

@Tyrsbane11 no extremely hard urgents @ERICK001BC That is true

@ElementalEffigy If it makes you feel any better, In Japan being AFK during UQ and stuff would result in players being banned. I am sure if you report or even record when submitting the players will stop doing it knowing what is going to happen to them.

No, vote kick system are always easy to be abuse by trolls. Just report and move on.

@Shadowen This, vote kick is outright cancer in most cases scenario.

@Shadowen understand that no matter the system. Trolls will abuse it. That is what a troll is.

Trolls abuse the report system on a daily basis. By your logic we should not have a report system in place then.

We cannot control human decency, and besides if you got removed from a group. You really should not be in that group to begin with.

Here we are again with some rambling about someone who is upset with the current environment. SOME of us, Believe it or not , HAVE ABSOLUTE REAL LIVES! Now you want to punish someone because we suddenly went AFK to go do some laundry or even make dinner for that matter.? I understand that just maybe you want to play in an never ending BINGE, But at the same time, ( Like me anyways), I have to keep my sanity and that means by keeping life in a balance that would otherwise drive me crazy.

I've seen them a few times and would also appreciate a vote kick option.

I've even seen as many as 3 people doing it.

It dramatically slows down completion time.

When an urgent pops I often like to quickly run it through all 3 characters - and if I find myself taking 15 minutes extra to do a 3 minute boss because my character is soloing the thing... that's annoying and locks out my ability to repeat...

@DDDDLife In both cases you mentioned, you should be able to be an adult and understand that you need to do stuff in real life and leave the quest on your own lol


If your dog pukes I understand you have to walk away, but it should not take 5 rounds to clean that up. If you have to cook dinner do not join the uq, go take care of life stuff before you join.

@TsundereMuse You as an adult should know that if you have to take care of life stuff. That should come BEFORE you sit down to play a videogame. Meaning don't join the uq. There will be more.