can sega give me an item thats no longer in the sotre,

Is there anyway to put a ticket in for a specific item thats no longer in the scratch tickect store. In order to adquire from sega?

@Hollow-Ichigo00 No. Item that are not available because of timed events, scratches, fresh finds or distributions have set times. You won't get an item just because you missed out on it. However, some items can still be obtained vi the market. If it is for another item that has come and gone, you can only wait and hope the item eventually comes back at a later time (which most likely will happen after we are caught up.)

It makes more sense to ask for the whole scratch ticket set to reappear.

@Miraglyth i know it be nice and really it will be helpful

NP, I am sure the items will return at some point in the future.