Shop search not containing items?

I went to search for some items in the shop, regardless if they exist or not they weren't in the search portion. Not sure what happened to all the 'headgear' items but they dont show in the shop anymore.

Did you search with text in the top text box and a category selected? If so, then that would be the problem. Currently, NA's won't let you search for text and a category at the same time. Also, Multi search is for augments/affixes only.

@coldreactive top search bar only. I saw the Zel headgear and wanted to see how it would look for one of my outfits.

Oh. Even my gf can't see it in her shop list. Her list is like...3 items as well when my list is 8 or so when typing 'head'

It's usually an issue with the way the game caches item names. In many cases, unless you see the item in-game (like through a random search or via the Scratch listing), it might not be in the cache and thus won't show up in the Candidate Search.

You can, however, enter the name directly and hit one of the bottom search options and it will show up.

Though, in this case you won't find Zel Headgear because it was from the Mission Pass.

@AndrlCh fair my Android like deuman outfit lol