Cancelled as of the 29th of June. I've been able to secure it by other means! 😊

Buying: Photon Halo A

Offer: 15,000,000 meseta

Watching the price of Photon Halo B violently fluctuate and half a dozen more appearing on the market when the price was elevated by an upseller leads me to think someone out there might have an A knocking about and not know how to value it.

It goes for around 8 million on Ship 1 and 15 million on Ship 2, but nobody has sold it on Ship 3 since PC launch. (Bs and Cs are sold for much less.) I'm offering the higher Ship 2 price if anyone is interested in selling.

Contact details:

Forum: This topic or send me a chat message.

PSO2: Miraglyth is both account and character name.

XBL: Miraglyth

Discord: Miraglyth#0118