PSO2 withdrawls

If they wait overly long I don't think it will be good. They gave a samlple.. a realllllly good sample. If they do a late spring, pretty much summer release. I don't even know @_@

@GamerKillance That's not necessarily true if you're targeting 1080p.

@Rantious Right, a system for that price would also be a good starting point for content creation thanks to AMD's Zen microarchitecture. The average consumer can get a great 8c/16t processor without breaking the bank.

Console dudes and PC bros alike will be playing this game together so there's no need to throw shade at either side. 🙂

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The Wiki (unofficial, but they were right about the CBT in Feb) states the release as Q2, which doesn't start until April. If that is the case, OBT won't be until March most likely.

If you know anything about calendars / how seasons work.

Brooooo lmao

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Pso2 tomorrow should be a meme

Oh so we are taking a PokeMMO meme and applying it to PSO2 now? I'm fine with that.

@GamerKillance a core 2 duo and gtx 450 ran this on max graphics at 1080p. Thats cheaper to build than buying a used x box one.

Anyone else just occasionally login to PSO2 and check the ships just to see if they are still offline? Cause i do every day it seems. 😿

What has everyone been doing to pass the time until the open beta? xD

I can't even login since I'm a PC person. Our client doesn't exist yet.

How many topics do we have of this now? I've just been playing other games and preparing things for OBT. Lot's of work to do before even having to worry about when it's coming.

@The-Question You sir are more patience than I. Ive been focusing on work related things while i wait but i still want the game! xD

I cant WAIT might just play the origional version and install English patch

@FullTurboTv I played the jap version for around 6 months when it first came out had a lot of fun but having to use VPN and reinstall the English patch every time the game had even the tiniest patch eventually got to me 😵

For me it was the new Kanji CAPTCHA. Sometimes I can't input the right characters within the two minute window.

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@The-Question You sir are more patience than I. Ive been focusing on work related things while i wait but i still want the game! xD

Oh it's not patience at all. I'm more worried right now working on things so my discord gets automatic UQ updates and timings. I want to have it ready by the time OBT comes so I can test it. I'm not sure if I will have everything I need to make sure it's working in time.