PSO2 withdrawls

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@Photon_Cat I played all the old RPG's of Phantasy Star but never touched PSO, PSU, or PSP1 or 2. Just went straight to PSO2.

I'm assuming you must of enjoyed PSO2 seeing as you're posting here 😄

Been playing it for the last 7 years. So yeah I've been enjoying it.

Playing the game for 7 years is a long time. That is really impressive! I tried the JP version when it first released. I just couldn't get into it with the language barrier personally. It's just so much different playing it in English. I'm so hyped for the open beta and final release 😄

Yeah I lost my computer towards the start of the month. But luckily my little brother sent me an xbox one a long time ago to play games with him so we can keep in contact. Turns out that it was the best gift he ever sent me. Ever! I'm a poor gamer and it will take forever to save up for a new PC to get back to playing JP. So for now here I am. Even after I get a new computer. I will be splitting time on both NA and JP servers.

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Anyone else just occasionally login to PSO2 and check the ships just to see if they are still offline? Cause i do every day it seems. 😿

What has everyone been doing to pass the time until the open beta? xD

I've been played Destiny 2, grinding Crimson days duos, playing Dead Cells, and occasionally crying into my tear bucket while looking for any update to be had for PSO2. Some say I have a problem, maybe an addiction, but it's only a problem when I can't play PSO2.

Waiting sucks. I'm just glad I have my D&D campaigns to play while I wait.

@RedBeard-Steel I've put plenty of time into D2 after playing FFXIV from disastrous 1.0 beta to the current Shadowbringers expac and just getting burnt out. While D2 was fun on and off for a few years, It's no PSO2. And I have done everything in D2 and gotten everything I really want. So I feel ya, man.

@Sylus Ha, I can understand that. At this point, ZobEXtC and I are just playing all the PvP we can cause we have nothing else to do. No other game is keeping my attention half as much as my want to play PSO2. I'm completely serious when I say I'd pay the full price for a new game to play PSO2 now vs waiting till spring (hint Sega, HINT HINT lol) but as it stands, I'll just sit around, moping and thinking about the good times. Even if all I could do was go back into the Casino..

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Been playing jp version since the start and never used a vpn.

Not even during the aftereffects of the DDOS attack? Man you must have been really lucky with your ISP. I had to play with VPN because of it for some time. I kinda thought everyone outside Japan needed it for that period. (Especially EU & NA players. I have no idea if the majority of ISPs in Asia blocked PSO2JP during that period.)

I had to reinstall Dolphin Emulator with PSO Gamecube edition.

Kinda fun to be able to modify the client to recreate my characters from back then.

Level 145 FO Human, level 134 HUmar named Sephiroth with the T-J sword (original AF) and a level 143 RAmar named Derek Dawson.

Good times.

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I had to reinstall Dolphin Emulator with PSO Gamecube edition.

Kinda fun to be able to modify the client to recreate my characters from back then.

I hope that didn't take you long, would have been a pain. Captain N made a program which allows you to backup your Gamecube Memory Card on your PC/Laptop. (Your Gamecube needs to be hooked with an ethernet cable.) I've been playing with my original characters on Dolphin from time to time due it.

Wow i didn't expect this thread to get so crazy. But it's fun reading about everyone experiences and hobbies while waiting for PSO2 😻

Waiting so hardd...

Bet the streamers are loving all the follows from us new players in waiting

First played phantasy star 2 on sega was really fun. Got more hooked on pso1 on GameCube got to lvl 200 with my little bro playing ultimate was really fun. I didn't play psu. Really want to get back on pso2 to get more points in my attack to see what this strong partisan looks like. I havn't used partisans yet. First main will be Hunter.

O___o Yeah I've been feeling the withdrawl and goofing around on the character creator app playing with ideas and such while looking for games on XBOne to tide me over since playing Halo 5 Zombies and getting slaughtered on Super Fiesta gets boring after a while.

I'm in desperate need of more PSO2 on Xbox. I couldn't stand the wait and decided to play PSOv2 DC in the meantime. I ended up playing for 12 hours straight yesterday on accident. v2 is such a brutal version of PSO, jeez... Falz kicked my poor RAcaseal butt with his constant barta explosions.

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How are you coping?

WOW! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. Loving it. I am just playing different online games at the moment 🙂