These error codes were somewhat hard to find, But I finally put them together here in hopes to bring those frustrated with a better understanding on how to go about finding resolution.

ERROR CODE # Description
103 Patcher Connection Error
230 Network Connection Error Error Code[230] No response from DNS server. Please check your network connection, then try again.*For more info, please see Players' Site.
242 Logged in to many times. Wait a while to attempt to log in again.
249 Server is Undergoing Maintenance
601 Did not activate account for PSO2.
602 Wrong user id.
603 Wrong user password.
614/ 618 The Current Ship is Full
617 The selected block to Ship Could not be found
632 Has been determined that the state double login. From, wait for a while, please connect.
649 Because it is in maintenance, This server is currently not available.
2300 User name taken.