[Ship 2] Dragoon Intl (Casual/Social) (Beginner Friendly) (English / Discord) (LGBTQIA+)

Dragoon Intl is an inclusive group focused mostly on casual game play and social aspects of the game. We stared as a small group of friends and would love to have you as an Alliance member! We span from First Timers to Veterans! Occasionally we also hold casino takeover nights! If this sounds like the Alliance for you come be comfy with us ❤

Our Alliance is LGBTQIA+ and POC friendly and we do not tolerate bigotry or hate speech.


Contact: [Discord] LeonBlaze#0711 or sheepareamyth#3409

Alliance Type: Casual, Beginner-friendly, Progression, LGBTQIA+

Alliance Rank: 5 with bank

Language: English

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zones (primary), All Times Zones Welcome

Etiquette: A social space that's free of bigotry. Toxicity is not tolerated.

Communication: We use primarily discord to communicate, it is preferred, but not essential

Recruitment: If you are interested in joining Dragoon Intl, please contact me on discord or apply via Visiphone terminal with a request to join. I will send over our Discord after we get you in the alliance.

Recruitment is currently OPEN, we can't wait to have you as a part of our PSO2 family!

bump for visibility

Still recruiting!

Hi! @sheepareamyth Hoping someone would join your alliance and play with them as soon as they join your alliance. Keep it up! 💖

Always looking! @GM-Sohee If you know anyone who would be a good fit feel free to send them our way ❤

@sheepareamyth If ever I saw 1 I'll let them know 😊

Still recruiting! Come be a part of our family!