How to backup pso2?

Hello fellow ARKS!

I am on my 3rd time re-installing this game (like many of you I'm sure). I restarted my computer after installing some software unrelated to the game and poof, my game no longer opens and MS store had me reinstall it.

So, in an attempt to ease my pain for future failures (which I'm sure there will be because... ya know... MS STORE SUX) I want to ask to see if there is a way to possibly backup PSO2 on a thumb-drive or external HDD, so that when it does happen again I can speed up the installation process.

Is this possible? Has anyone one done this? What files would I need to back up Program Files/ModifiableWindowsApps/pso2_bin and Documents/SEGA? Would that work?

Any insight would be great as I'm sure there are other people that this would help.


I have tried it but it wouldn't let me copy to the installation folders so the only option was to re-download the whole thing. Don't worry so far I have reinstalled the game about 8 times. After the third time I just watched Netflix or played FFXIV until the download finished.