Actual support for the game at least

As much shit as we have given the devs,I think its fair to say that they are supporting the game with constant free campains. Its a good thing. There are always login bonuses and reards for doing something,that's pretty cool IMO.

Login bonuses are pretty standard for any MMO though...

The jpn version is loaded with campaigns as well it's not unique. The time you'll actually be able to hear the real lobby music is actually rare as you usually have an event theme in the background and Samba the rest of the time. If anything I feel we are lacking since they seem to want to slow the leveling process for now.

@Doam-Burger I never said it was unique. I said it was nice.

Delve int the darker side of the NA server to discover how much has been changed (For the worst) and taken away, then you won't be so impressed I assure you.

@Zizel I know exactly how much content we are missing. I just have the ability to take what i have in front of me and still enjoy it. Like everyone else I cannot wait until we have a COMPLETE Summoner class,until we get the Scion classes etc. But I still have fun playing what I have after 8 years of waiting.

Can we have a nice thread for 5 seconds without someone posting the doom and gloom of how we're "not as good as JP"?

This is why we can't have nice things.

Yeah, my only complaint about the newest campaign is its banner. Prior to PC launch all the campaign banners from the closed beta stuff to Half Scape Dolls to the SG Shop sales seemed to use their main image to showcase the items given by the campaign.

The first we see of the Urgent Quests campaign is its banner... and look, the Pirate Hat from before the PC launch returned! It's great to see that PC players will be able to catch up on thi- wait... hang on, my producer wants a word.


('s not a reward? ...really? Then why's it in the banner...? Why doesn't it show the star gems? Alright, I'll tell them...)

Okay, ahem, sorry, didn't mean to mislead there. I'm hearing the pirate hat isn't a returning reward for PC players this campaign after all. It's just what the banner shows this time. The reward is in fact star gems and an AC scratch ticket. Hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up!

@Lorient Hey,I'm trying to bring some positivity 😞 Not everything is bad about the game and I thought a little appreciation would be nice.. Guess we cannot have those things here.

@Morgothryuzaki I wasn't talking about you. I love the idea for the thread, you inspired me to make a postive one of my own. I was more talking about the people who posted after you immediately complaining.

I agree. The campaigns are really nice and I look forward to them every time I login.

@Lorient Oh I know.. Its just yeah.. Look,I get it. There is place for a lot of criticism,and its warranted. But the game is also super fun and really does put me back into another time for MMORPGs. I have been so used to convenience and now I have to work for my loot,it honestly does feel good.

I'll make a new post so as to keep their purposes separate, but I do agree that it's nice we have a reasonably steady flow of events.

Back around PC launch it seemed there were too many (especially when the first week of Tier Missions involved three Super Hard ones!) but some of those like the Clear Story Quests campaign and the Wedding events were stretched out for the 4 weeks afterwards so there has proven to be time to get on top of them all even as a new player.

With a few more campaigns recently, they seem to be in what actually feels like a well-balanced quantity. Obviously I'd like it if they bundled in pre-PC rewards once in a while to catch us up but that's the only drawback for me. This kind of pace seems well measured.

Beyond that, some positivity is always in good order, whether or not there are complaints going around! But it was part of the motivation to make that feature yesterday to celebrate the global release soon.

@Miraglyth I won't lie,I'm not asking for them anymore,but it would be nice and I'd welcome it.

Events, Log-in rewards and compensation are a common thing in F2P/B2P mmos. Nothing new.