Map location cuts off on X1X @ 1080p

Hey guys, been meaning to get around to reporting this and finally stopped forgetting to.
I play on an Xbox One X connected to a 1080p monitor. My map location cuts off like so:

alt text

Furthermore, when I press start at the title screen the "agree and continue" text shows up really really small, but only the first time after booting up. I guess it's not applying display and text settings until afterwards?

I have 4K - Large selected, which is roughly the same as using Medium on an Xbox that isn't an X. EDIT: Had settings the wrong way round.

Man, we've been complaining about this since closed beta. It doesn't look like it'll ever be fixed even though it's a simple X coordinate position move.

The map coordinates are broken at 4K medium AND 4K large.

The only way to view them on the X1X is to use Small or Medium or 4K Small. BUT THOSE ARE SERIOUSLY ILLEGIBLE ON THE X1X unless you're sitting RIGHT NEXT to the screen, with your eyes glued to it, and using 4K Small.

The X1X runs the game in 4K always, even on a 1080P screen. (It downsamples the 4K image to 1080P on a 1080P screen, so the graphics look REALLY nice. But it also renders the GUI in 4K and when it downsamples it back to 1080P, that stuff is shrunk too. So "Small" and "Medium" which aren't 4K ... just are useless as all hell.)

Please, for the love of God, devs, fix this problem.

It makes it super annoying when other party members or people in the map tell you there is something at a coordinate and you have no idea where you are. Sure, you can pull up that giant map that is in the center, but that blocks all the combat. This is also an issue when the NPC is telling you to go somewhere or something is somewhere.

It's God awful.

Yeah I figured I would be far from the first to bring it up but with it still being an issue I thought I'd chime in.

I find 4K Large hard to read too. The graphical difference between playing on an X and playing on an Elite is night and day, but it looks like we're at the "small text issues" part of gaming again.

They either need to fix the interface or give the X1X a native 1080P or 1440P output instead of forcing 4K downsampled with a broken interface.