My Gu/Hu Build

This is my Gu/Hu build that I'm currently using. Here is a small list that I don't need and what's not enough of.

Gunner Build

  • Twin Mach. Guns Stylish Charge - I don't think you'll need it but I just want to have it. It'll be Good when Crafting PA comes along. I'm looking at you Infinite Storm
  • Advanced Dive Roll - Kinda useless since you are gonna be S-rolling. Which already has I-Frames.
  • Dive Roll Shot - Don't need it. You'll be S-rolling.
  • Stylish Roll Perf. Atk Bonus - Will need it in the Future but as of right now. I don't think its necessary yet. Plus not enough SPs due to Level Cap. Which is why I max out Stylish Roll Up & Stylish Roll Finisher.

Hunter Build - Sub Only for all other Classes

  • Auto-Mate Half - Not enough SPs due to Level Cap


sweet! this will probably end up being my Gu/Hu build as well. thanks for the guideline

There are a few things I I see need to be fixed.


  • You need TMG Focus and Encore Time. TMG Focus gives you a 105% to 130% damage multiplier depending on the gauge fullness, plus without it Time Save does absolutely nothing. Encore Time basically extends Showtime meaning you can easily keep the Focus gauge up at full (and thus keep the 130% multiplier) very easily and keep the +50PP from Showtime Star longer. Based on the SP distributuion you have, I would say you could take those 2 SP for these Skills out of Attack PP Restorate.


  • As a sub for Gunner, you don't need Sidestep Plus since it doesn't effect Dive Roll or Stylish Roll, so you have 2 more SP to use there. Also, you can usually reduce Perfect Fury Bonus to 5 SP with the only downside being that instead of getting the full 110% damage bonus with the first attack, you only get 105%, but then the second attack gets the full 110%. Both of these changes should let you have more than enough SP to max Automate.