This is my Gu/Hu build that I'm currently using. Here is a small list that I don't need and what's not enough of.

Gunner Build

  • Twin Mach. Guns Stylish Charge - I don't think you'll need it but I just want to have it. It'll be Good when Crafting PA comes along. I'm looking at you Infinite Storm
  • Advanced Dive Roll - Kinda useless since you are gonna be S-rolling. Which already has I-Frames.
  • Dive Roll Shot - Don't need it. You'll be S-rolling.
  • Stylish Roll Perf. Atk Bonus - Will need it in the Future but as of right now. I don't think its necessary yet. Plus not enough SPs due to Level Cap. Which is why I max out Stylish Roll Up & Stylish Roll Finisher.

Hunter Build - Sub Only for all other Classes

  • Auto-Mate Half - Not enough SPs due to Level Cap