New PLayer Need Advice (please)

So i just recently started playing PSO2 and I am fairly low (40-50) but i wanted to get some advice on Fighter, as it is the Class i will want to main later on. I currently have a Fighter / Hunter Build and i somewhat know how the class operates i just wanted to know if there is any us for the Twin Daggers? Because i keep getting told that they are worse then Dual Sabre in Mobbing and Bossing, but i kinda like the playstyle. Am i going to Handicap myself if i play them? and if not which Pa's and build adjustments would i need to make in order for them to be compareable? Thanks in advance for any tips and help whatsoever!


Twin Daggers are pretty awesome for bossing as their Weapon Action also has a perfect guard frame in it. Its also really nice for those high parts on alot of enemies that you need to reach where double saber can't.... You can go very high up into the air for even larger enemes.. enough so that most attacks from enemies may not even hit you while you are still dealing great damage to them.

On the Mobbing side of things, its alright... It has some skills that has aoe capability, but much less so than a Double Saber.

In terms of raw dps, the weapons are actually closer to each other than one would think, but depending on the state of the game it might vary. Currently on JP, as far as i know Dsaber pulls ahead in dps, closely followed by knuckles and last would be twin daggers. However TD's have the advantages that they have access to very versatile aerial combat and there are some cases where neither knuckles nor dsaber can reliably reach.

I also heavily favor TD gameplay, but i do admit that in many cases the other two weapons are just the better choice. TD's profit from the fact that they stick to most weakpoints easily and get 100% "uptime" as you would call it, especially for beginners this is hard to replicate if you have to use knuckles or Dsaber in the air. I'd definitely recommend playing all 3 weapons, because the fast gear fill on all of them barely punishes you for quickly switching mid-fight.

There is a lot more pros and cons for all weapons, but it would get too much to list them all here.

I wished i had made more videos on JP, but i wasn't ever really a good player. I'd post stuff from my friend, but he's shy so here's some fast showcase of how dagger can circumvent a lot of dangers while still keeping on top with dps. This is of course doable with the other two weapons aswell, and they will be faster at it, but i wouldn't worry about it too much.

I do recommend using either knuckles or Dsaber for mobbing though, do yourself the favor it's a lot easier and stronger.

@Macmaxi Mh i see, also you had Bouncer sub for the TD fighting style? Well thank you for your fast reply and detailed esplanation. I guess i will try TD for bossing and stick to DS for mobbing. Same goes for @Skyfir51 thank you for your fast reply, ill try it out but in the end i guess i will probably stick to DS. Also i heard there is another DS class coming Etoile or smth, will it be a sub or MC with fighter?

Nope,Fi/Hu is the way to go and once Et comes out you will want to switch to Fi/Et mostly due to damage balancer, but all thing in due time. Try to get some experience with the class first and worry about the skills later. Also try out Quake Stomp with Knuckles, it's almost as good if not better than DS currentlyon NA for ground based mobbing.

@Macmaxi Really? i actually havnt tried knuckles as i was afraid of the tiny range but i will give that a shot! thatnks for the help i appreciate it!