Tip for console/controller players and binding weapon action (using paddles)

@almightysundaas Sure, but the way you have done it is giving you an extra step to use the Quick Menu that you don't need if you just slightly reconfigure things.

In my particular set up, I didn't have to change my Quick Menu button. What I removed was the view change between Standard and OTS since I rarely switch over in the middle of a fight and can easily just reach down and hit "S" on my chatpad or keyboard to do so.

But different stroke for different folks, and all that, I guess.


Your way works well too. Especially for people who don't have paddles. But unless you have a chatpad, reaching for the keyboard to enter OTS is a bit annoying. Even with a chat pad, you are taking your thumb off the analog sticks.

Quick menu isn't something I use in missions so I am fine with an extra L3 click to access it. I'd rather sacrifice buttons that have no value during gameplay.

Of course, I realize most classes don't need OTS so it works great for those players. As a ranger main, I can't sacrifice that function. I need quick access at all times. At the same time, I rather stick to one control scheme since it would be bad for my muscle memory to remove zoom.

For me, my regular mapping is like this:

  • LT : Weapon Action
  • LB: Jump
  • L3(Push down): Lock On
  • RT: Back Paddles
  • RB: Use the Subpalette Action
  • R3(Push down): Pick up item/Interact
  • X: PA 1
  • Y: PA 2
  • B: PA 3
  • A: Dodge
  • box btn (I dunno wat is called on Xbox): Quick Menu (default)
  • Menu Btn: Menu
  • DPad: Default
  • Back Trigger 3: Zoom out (force camera reset to my character)

Trigger mapping I explained earlier, but think the format is a mess.. I just relisted it. While holding Back Trigger 1 (Upper left short one on elite controller):

  • X: Switch to weapon 1
  • Y: Switch to weapon 2
  • A: Switch to weapon 3
  • B: Switch to weapon 4
  • RT: Switch to weapon 6
  • RB: Switch to weapon 5
  • Dpad Left: Switch to subpalette 1
  • Dpad Up: Switch to subpalette 2
  • Dpad Right: Switch to Subpalette 3
  • Dpad Down: Open item menu
  • LT: Switch to third person view
  • LB: Auto run

While holding Back Trigger 2 (Down left long one on elite controller):

  • X: Use subpalette action 1
  • Y: Use subpalette action 2
  • A: Use subpalette action 3
  • B: Use subpalette action 4
  • RT: Use subpalette action 5

While holding Back Trigger 4 (Down right long one on elite controller):

  • X: Use subpalette action 6
  • Y: Use subpalette action 7
  • A: Use subpalette action 8
  • B: Use subpalette action 9
  • RT: Use subpalette action 0

It takes a few hours for me to regain muscle memory on the the subpalette mapping, but after a while I can use subpalette skills like it was set on PA slots. Also for quicker action that I don't want to use combination keys during the combo, I can always use RB during the combo for that specific action (Just gotta move the cursor to the position before hands).

Also its stupid that u need a specific xbox controller receiver to use the official chatpad wirelessly on PC... Otherwise it only works in wired mode.

Plugged in an actual keyboard and mouse on my xbox to semi replicate the playing experience on a pc