Clicking "Buy AC" from in-game no longer automatically brings up MS Store.

Hey everyone,

As title suggests, this is no longer working. I tried installing tweaker, and did the Power Shell modification, and decided to change my mind after the fact and use the regular default launcher. Before this, I was always able to click "Buy AC" and have it automatically bring up the MS Store window. I can still purchase AC, of course, but now I have to manually tab out. This isn't really an issue by any means, but is there anyway to fix this to how it worked before?

Thank you very much.

Same problem, only noticed since yesterday. When I try to google to see if anyone else has the same issue, this is the only relevant report.

Anyway, as stated, I can open MS store directly to buy, but it will not open in-game.

When I press Buy AC on the AC Shop in-game it launches the MS Store page for Phantasy Star Online 2. (In the Microsoft Store Windows App.)