What Advance Class are you leveling to?

I'm just going to say this. The biggest inspiration was hero for me. I love the idea of twin machine guns and a large sword. I have Azelyra to thank for this Massive inspiration

Haven't played on the JP servers since Hero was the only advance class, and with Te/Ph being a main build now, I'm excited to see how Phantom fares ^_^

If they all come out at the same time I will be leveling them in order of Hero/Etoile/Phantom. If they are broght out one at a time in order of JP server then I will just level them in that way. As for taking them as mains. I will be maining Hero on my second character. Maining Phantom on my 3rd character and have yet to make plans on Etoile maining. I will start planning that once I have maxed my first 3 characters main's.

Phantom, since I'm going to be choosing Summoner Main.

My objective is Etoile.

I think I’m gonna start as bo/te then go bo/ph

All Excellent decisions

Idk what's good with hunter sword main?

@GamerKillance said in What Advance Class are you leveling to?:

Idk what's good with hunter sword main?

Etoile with Guard Stance and Phantom with Fury Stance. Hero can't be used as a sub class and all Scion class's can't have sub class's. Both ET and PH can use any stance and any build type with hunter and still do alright.