Game not starting (not even with Tweaker)

Well , yesterday the game worked just fine and now today just doesnt even want to open, and as far i know it has to be a problem with microsoft store, i have windows updated and everything, even shut down my antivirus and firewall to test, tried the "repair in app setting" but nothing works...

i just got my character to lvl 40 and was about to really get into the game, and uninstalling and dowloading everything again is a nope from me, the game is too big for that, and sorry but you cant just give that "fix" for a game that has been playable in another region for more than 7 years.

Also big shutouts to the PSO2Tweaker creators, you did fix a lot of issues!

I'm having the same issue. I have a hundred hours in game, then this morning the game just stopped launching. I tried all of the fixes in tweaker, but still nothing. Tweaker is saying that it's the Windows store that's having the issue.

im pretty sure its a new windows update that messed it up. Same thing happened to me and that is the only change that has happened on my comp since I last launched

I'm having the same issue as well- the game launched just fine yesterday but something happened between when I went to bed at 4AM central and now that caused the game to stop launching; not even Tweaker is working on it as it's also saying that it's a windows store problem. This is the first time I've had issues with the NA install as well

Update: I cant even uninstall the game so i can give it a last try in downloading...... RIP PSO2 2020-2020