PSO2 Tweaker no longer works for me.

As most people I had problems with Installation and starting the game. Eventually I used PSO2 Tweaker to bypass all these problems. Since last week I had to reinstall the game 5 times. Mind that it is not Tweaker's fault. The game breaks even if I don't use Tweaker.

After installation from MS store or Tweaker the game functions perfectly for a day or two. Then the game's icon turns blank the launcher no longer opens and if I try Tweaker to open it after 30 seconds a message pops up that there is something wrong with the Windows Store Installation and I need to fix that first. I tried troubleshooting, repairing, resetting and nothing worked. The only method that worked for me is uninstalling the game deleting those backup folders and installing from scratch. That would be ok if the game didn't break itself after 2 days making me do that all over again.

So back to installing all those files again. See you in-game in 3 hours.

Yea. I tired the Tweaker last night and did everything it told me to do as well as watching youtube videos. It still kept directing me to the MS store when i hit launch. Used the powershell to change all permissions, etc. All of it. Never worked. So deleted it and re-installed it from the MS store again. Good thing is the Tweaker deleted all that used up "Empty" space that MS was occupying because of PSO2.

Hope Steam version comes soon.