Despite playing most games primarily on PC, I prefer to use a controller since I came up playing on console primarily. I use reWasd to play PSO2 since it can trick my computer into thinking that I have an Xbox controller plugged in. reWasd is great... to a point. After a while, the controller times out and I have to try and get PSO2 to recognize it again, something which rarely ever happens. And so, following the advice of the reWasd forums, I restart my computer and then open the program back up. However, every time I restart, PSO2 acts like it's updating and won't let me start the game no matter what. I end up having to delete all the bloatware files and reinstall the game, which takes about an hour and a half each time. My question is, why does PSO2 have to run through an "update" every time I restart? This is driving me insane with how often I have to do this... Has anyone encountered this or found a solution for it? I'm open to any suggestions at this point.