So I bought the eyepatch off the market and used the ticket. Ticket says using this will allow you to select with all characters in my account.....YET.... I sadly cannot use it on my male character I bought the rest of the outfit for. 4 million down the drain! BIG RIPPERONIES! Please refund

At this point I guess you can just earn back the money unfortunately, At least you didn't spend more than 10m.

You should have read the notice till the end. This is from a different item, but all these ticket items have the same notice.


Personally, I think this notice is quite misleading and is a horrible translation that can be improved, still technically they have explained what they should. They never will admit this is their fault, I guess 😕

Yeah they need to reword this asap because going off what is said on the item its self I should be able to use it on all characters. Also you can tell nobody read the confirm page because its confusing and looks like someone was just trying to hit a character limit for an essay lmao