[Ship 3]: Crimson Raven recruiting, English Alliance, New and Veterans Welcomed

Alliance: Crimson Raven

Rank: 5

Type: Casual/Hardcore

Leader: Pascal_Graces(Player_ID) Character: Pascal(Character name)

Community: Over 10 years of community being around across multiple games (Guild Wars 2, Archeage, FFXIV, BDO, Warframe, and many more)

Active Hours: Weekday evenings (5 pm- 2am est) Weekends(12pm-12am est) times are based on when members most active

Requirements: 18+ years or older(mature players) and active at least twice a week.

Description: Hey everyone! we recently decided to start a alliance for our community here on PSO2. Our alliance is currently looking for more members to join us. We have a lot of members who been playing together and are currently looking for people to join our group. We have new people who join us across multiple games or just one. We are very social on discord so its encouraged, but not required to join us on it. We are classified as hardcore as well only because we like pushing difficulty in games, but we do not treat it as a second job. We play to have fun. If you have any questions, ask here or message me in game.


Still open recruitment! Fresh alliance looking for active players to join us!