Ok, you have problems to start the game? I managed to record every single issue on Windows 10 to start the damm game, so start to read, because, this is more like a manual on how to play the game without issues for the first time.


  • Install Xbox Console Companion
  • Update Windows 10 to the lastest versison (2004 is fine)
  • Make Sure you have your Xbox Connection to your windows established

How To Install

From the Microsoft Store, push install and ready, if the game doesn't appear, search in google the game like this "PSO2 Microsoft Store" and you will get it.

Once you got the installation complete, we will get to the hard part:

Troubles during the update

If you have any issue during the update, you need to put the WindowsApps folder into your total control, make sure you can see occult folders before that, you got to propeties > Security > Advanced Options, then you will go to the "Change" in blue part to, well, change the control, you will see is under the name of "TrustedInstall" or something like that, make your is under "Users" (Plural, not one, but everyone) control, and then select the checkbox below that. Then the permission of the folder will change, so you have to wait.

Then Add that same "Users" to the security profiles and make sure it has TOTAL CONTROL, and you're free to go, i fixed the update problems with this, but i don't know if doing this before the problem show up will solve it, but make sure you actually seen some issues, to avoid more problems.

The game updated, now i can't open it REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

There is 2 WindowsApp folders, the Modifiable one, and the original one, if you to the other one, you will see ┬ĘPSO2_bin", and that's where the real game is, and if you try to open it, you won't be able to do it, you know why? Becuase the game hates you and change again the permissions but now in the PSO2_bin folder, so you will have to repeat the processs of the first one AGAIN, but this time ONLY with PSO2_bin folder.

Once you do it the game will update again and you manage to actually play it after hours of waiting.

PS: After the first update, i couldn't play, why? Because the permissions change it again, i don't know if this solution is permanent, so if after the update, you get the problem again, then you know at least why and how to solve it.

Stuck in title screen

This problem is associated with not having the Xbox Live connection, for this i just used the PSO2 Tweaker to run it, this one is very random, you make sure everything is connected AND ACTUALLY YOU DOWNLOADED THE GAME FROM THE MICROSOFT STORE.

If you got any other issue, let me know, i want people to enjoy this game. Sorry if my english isn't good, but at least i can help.