Launcher's gone, 80GB game still unaccounted for.

Oh so now the forum's not letting me post properly, that's always cool.

I'm extremely frustrated with the PC release of this game. Microsoft's bumbling around may cost me a lot of time and aches because I have to back all of my shit up, because they managed to cause a botch that made my install, which was working perfectly fine before they touched anything, completely useless and impossible to reverse.

The "Microsoft Gaming Services" app, whatever the hell that is, was updated and caused my Launcher to just stop booting. When I tried to uninstall it took three resets for it to even read, only for it to have ONLY uninstalled the 11GB Launcher, not the rest of the 80+GB game, and because of the way Microsoft has this shit structured I legitimately can't figure out where to go to get rid of this data. I can't find anything about this specific problem anywhere.

Please for the love of god, someone help me, I am BEGGING you.

And Sega? It's time to just cut ties with Microsoft. I used to say it was worth it because the game was so good, but that's waned away quite badly with these horrid issues. Linking the future of North Americans' ability to play to the capabilities of goddamn MICROSOFT was the biggest mistake you could've made.

Are you running Windows 10 2004? If you are, there is a widespread issue with running the game on that version of the OS at the moment and i have contacted microsoft, xbox live and sega roughly about five times trying to troubleshoot issues with pso2. None of them are taking responsibility as of yet for issues related to trying to play and keep the game installed on windows 10 2004.

@Bizwhy The machine I'm using is only a year old so I would hope I'm not running the 2004 version of the OS.

@HoLy-ChEeZeZ you can check your current version and build of windows OS under Settings>System>About.

@Bizwhy windows.png

Is this what you need?

If the game is still showing as installed in your settings>apps, may i suggest this video.

Hopefully that helps you. I also recommend if you do those steps also don't forget to remove your admin permissions from modifiablewindowsapps and windowsapps folders and return ownership to NT Service\TrustedInstaller

Apologies in advanced if you have to sit there another 3-4hrs to install the game, most of us in this forum including myself, if not all of us have had to do it multiple times. Which is why some suggest using the pso2 tweaker method. I myself do not use the tweaker though so cannot comment on it.

@Bizwhy I've heard nothing but good things about the Tweaker. I'll probably switch to that, which is a shame because the one problem is it loses the ability to make purchases and I actually like some of the items that can be paid for and am willing to pay. But at this stage it's difficult, so I'll have to rely on third-party gift card purchases or something.

If you are lucky enough to find this in your Apps & features you could uninstall it from the Settings. It is extremely tedious to try and get into that painful WindowsApps folder without breaking even more than what is already broken. If you can't uninstall it, I'd hate to suggest a factory reset.

I've had the game delete itself twice now, once when my computer reset itself for a win10 update, and a second time just randomly without me even doing anything. I logged out and a couple hours later it was gone. The first time was a normal install from the Windows store, the second time I was using the Tweaker, so apparently even that wasn't enough to make it work safely. This has also taken 140gb off the drive where it is installed (an external drive, as my C drive is a SSD that is just for Windows and hasn't enough free space to hold Pso2 anyway), which I don't know how to free up again.

I've also had a phantom hard drive appear called \?\Volume{23ad81ea-d53a-a0a2-57c3-6651a55b0aee}\ that showed up in the list of drives to defrag.