[Ship 3] Aegis Vanguard recruiting. New players welcomed!

Hello, I am Outbreak and I am looking to see if people wish to join Aegis Vanguard. We are a casual alliance looking to have all types of players join. We want to build a community to help people as well as have people find friends to play with for all types of content. We are on mostly during the late afternoon to late night hours EST. But we hope that with more people joining we can accomidate all time periods people are looking to play in! We have people from all walks some from esports some mmo veterans and others are casual gamers. We hope to see you around and look forward to having adventures on Ship 3.

Requirements: Active in the community. 17+ and just looking to have fun its a game after all. https://discord.gg/qz8m8GF


Lol we're just a bunch of goof balls running early and some end game content progressing through the game as well as leveling up!