Bosses and their loot (Ultimate Quests).

Let me start this with firstly, I hate that Summoner literally has no way of getting eggs except grinding - I'm fine with a grind, I played BDO for an exceptional amount of time but this one just hurts.

On topic: Do bosses have ways to trigger higher loot rates that has been a proven thing? Specifically talking about Anga in Forest UQ.

I've been told that if you break her balls once, each phase, her loot yield will be much higher and I have been sharing this wisdom; as I've been playing, I find loot drops to be wildy inconsistent with how quickly she dies vs how many balls we kill.

Example: She will drop only 2-3 meseta diamonds + 2 items. She will drop many items, many discs etc.

Are these massive contrasting loot tables due to damage? Orb breakage? What?...

@iDakotaCoty if you have material storage and auto-loot turned on, you won't see the Ares stone drops that go straight to your storage. Those can very from none, one, or several, and can eat up your drops on the ground.

Usually part breaking contributes to unit drops, but I will honestly say I don't know much about egg drops. I read back in 2013 that the loot table increases based on how many of those enemies you kill successively, but have no way of confirming it at this point of the game.