Use a HuCast Ragol Memory ticket on my Male Cast character and did not get it.

When I acquired and used the Hucast head ticket I acquired from the Ragol memory store on my Male Cast character who should be able to use it since it is the Hunter head part from PSO1 for a Male Cast. However it did not appear in the Salon. Instead in the store when I look at the HuCast ticket, it now says it is bound to another character (instead of unused)... but I have no other character for it to be bound to, as I only have the one character (a male cast) on the account and it was that character which used the ticket. So how could the only character on an account use a ticket and then the game binds it to a non-existant character?

The CAST heads from the Ragol Memoy Exchange actually do not count as CAST heads, rather they count as Hairstyles so they can also be used by fleshies. To get the Head working, you need to pick one of the fleshie face variants, then change your Hairstyle to the HuCast head.

As for the "bound to another character" text, that is a known bug that has been reported along with many other translation errors and inconsistencies.

It would have been nice to have that information mentioned in the ticket when I purchased it, thanks, now that I know it is a hairstyle and not an actual head I found it. They really need to update the text for the CAST heads to state what they are (hairstyle/head parts) and not actual CAST heads.

Actually, it does mention that it is a hairstyle rather than a head part in the item description.

Here it is:

alt text

Compared to an actual CAST head:

alt text

Guess I didn't read the description well enough and just was going off the item/ticket name.