[Ship 2] Legacy Alliance RECRUITMENT CLOSED . Friendly allies still recruiting

This thread is closed for now and will be reopened if Legacy is in need of players again. The amount of dedicated members ive gotten from the forum blows my mind. Our home block is b11 and we are allied with Shine, Port Mafia, and ForgottenHeroes. Be sure to check out their forum post if your interested in being in our pso2 family!

Port Mafia: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/6588/ship-2-port-mafia-active-alliance-recruiting-for-active-members-steam-newcomers-discord-maxbuffs-sociallyactive-est-cst-pst

Shine: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/4912/ship-2-shine-recruiting-new-members-active-casual-semi-casual-social-est-cst/46





bumping still on the lookout for players

@CujoThaGod i added you on discord


bump 7 slots left ive meet some great people so far

Bumppp 5 slots and we are currently ranked #3

daily bump cleared some inactives so 9 slots now

Hey me and my friend wish to join

bumppp 5 slots left

I wish to join need the active members

daily bumpp 4 slots currently

I'm extremely interested on joining. In your description for recruitment, it's an exact word for word representation of my situation.