[Ship 2] Legacy Alliance looking for super active players to fill remaining slots(Top 5 ranking currently)

Just like the title says I am looking to fill the remaining slots of my alliance with super active players new or end game to fill the remaining slots(5 slots atm). The main reason im posting to this forum is I know there's alot of active players who are apart of "dead" alliances but are worried about leaving because they wont have buffs anymore or they will just end up joining other dead alliance. This post is mainly for you guys. My alliance does 12mpas everyday for uqs or ultimate farms. We are a hardcore alliance but at the same time we understand theres not that much content out so yes we grind but we also enjoy the game to not get burned out. The alliance is mostly NA/EU so we average 25-30 members online, peak at 45, lowest is 5-15 normally during the middle of the night for NA/early morning for EU. So yeah if your interested in joining or want to know more just message me/reply to this forum. pso20200708_125607_000.jpg




bumping still on the lookout for players

@CujoThaGod i added you on discord


bump 7 slots left ive meet some great people so far

Bumppp 5 slots and we are currently ranked #3

daily bump cleared some inactives so 9 slots now

Hey me and my friend wish to join

bumppp 5 slots left

I wish to join need the active members

daily bumpp 4 slots currently

I'm extremely interested on joining. In your description for recruitment, it's an exact word for word representation of my situation.