[Ship 2] Legacy Alliance looking for active and social players! (Semi-casual, Max tree buffs, End game focused, Discord)

Name: Legacy

Leader: @CujoThaGod

Type: Semi-Casual, EndGame

Active Timezones: Our most active time slot is between 5pm-5am CDT.

Alliance Requirements: -Participate in events/quest with alliance -Communicative -Be Friendly -Willing to Learn/adapt -Lvl 75+ -Join Discord

Alliance Description: Legacy is filled with super active players who love pso2 with the goal of building a social alliance that enjoys grinding and participating in events with alliance! We do daily MPAs for uqs,ultimates,triggers, or anything worth farming. The alliance is mainly NA but we do have about 20 Non NA players.(92 Total atm) We use discord to help organize mpas, check inactivity, host alliance events and just overall enjoy our community! We also host fashion tournaments every month with huge meseta prizes. Our home block is b25 and if your interested in joining be sure to either dm me on discord or message me in game! Player ID:CujoThaGod If our alliance description doesn't fit your playstyle be sure to check out Port Mafia,Ragnarok and Calming. We share a block and discord with these alliances

bumppppppppp pso20200819_215513_001.jpg



bumping still on the lookout for players

@CujoThaGod i added you on discord


bump 7 slots left ive meet some great people so far

Bumppp 5 slots and we are currently ranked #3

daily bump cleared some inactives so 9 slots now

Hey me and my friend wish to join

bumppp 5 slots left

I wish to join need the active members

daily bumpp 4 slots currently

I'm extremely interested on joining. In your description for recruitment, it's an exact word for word representation of my situation.