Questions about quest triggers.

So today I found out about quest triggers which can be used to play an urgent quest outside of schedule. The one I have my eye on is the calamity trigger for Magatsu (planetbreaker) which is currently in the fresh finds shop for 120 SG.

Couple of things I want to know.

Is the quest trigger for the UQ only for 1 run or do you get 30 mins to do 4 runs like the actual Magatsu UQ? In the case that the UQ has a sequel boss fight like Magatsu, does the player have access to that as well?

How many players can play the quest trigger? If I use the trigger will the UQ only be accessible to my party or can other people outside my party join in as well? (Doing magatsu on VH with only 4 ppl sounds very tiresome)

Would like to get a solid answer before deciding to purchase.

@Escafree it is a single run and does not include the additional stage. It comes with an additional 100% Tri-boost, but you have to organize your own 12 person group.

Thet have to join you from the "join quest in progress" tab and only have 3 minutes to do so before the recruitment period ends.

It doesn't have a unique loot table, it is just a single instance of the Urgent Quest.


Darn, well thats disappointing. Good to know though, thanks for the response.

Welp,that doesn't seem that worth it to me...

@Morgothryuzaki right now it doesn't, but I recall when Profound Darkness triggers became a thing it was very desirable because 1) you needed a crap ton of the stones from him and 2) he actually dropped a 13* weapon that was used as a material whereas none of our current UQs drop anything even remotely good.