Ship 06: The Overlords Alliance is now recruiting

Overlords Alliance

First of all I will explain what this Alliance is all about. We are an open minded and friendly group. We do not discriminate or judge anyone be it inside or outside the Alliance. We welcome all players newbies and veterans alike. We are a very lax Alliance with only one true goal. To dominate ship ?? in both content and blood... I mean good intentions.

Read Below to see if you qualify

  • Are you mature enough to make rational thoughts even when angered by others?
  • Are you fine with trollish behavior from others?
  • Do you like to Roleplay your in game characters?
  • Will you respect others thoughts or ideas?
  • Will you not only provide help but seek to teach others?
  • Is bloo... Red your favorite color?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of those then this is the right place for you. This Alliance isn't a Roleplay only Alliance but everyone is welcomed. The choice is simple when seeking emplo... hmm seeking serv... You know this is kind of hard. The choice is simple if you are seeking an Alliance that will cater to you then look no further.

If you have questions about the Alliance in anyway then feel free to ask. The only real requirement for joining is joining the discord. The discord group is not mandatory but will help us manage current members and potential members.

Once the game is in Open Beta or Full Release we will be able to actively add people to the Alliance via this topic.

BE WARNED If you are inactive for more then 2 weeks without notice no matter your rank within the Alliance you will be removed. That goes for everyone including myself.

You do not need to join the Alliance to join the discord.

Update 2020.2.15
The discord now automatically updates and forwards new information via PSO2 NA social media. So our members will keep up to date on what is happening.
Currently only UQ's that are scheduled will be announced in the proper channels. For random UQ's alerts via discord. We will need to wait to see how PC is set up before we can learn more.
Update 2020.2.29
A vote will take place before OBT to decide on the ship. As of now we are going to ship 6 but I will hold a vote before OBT and Full Release to make a final decision.
The bot for the discord is currently going through a rework and if things pan out all item data from NA version will be accessible. You will be able to search for any item with the bot and get the information for it with a command. Once a proper database exists the information will be provided with a link to get more details.
Update 2020.3.9
Vote will take place for the ship choice on the 15th and 16th, If you are interested you can post your vote from this thread or the Discord server.

HAHAHA This sounds great. And the intro is funny as well. That's it overlords. I wish to join. This sounds fun as ffffff. I mean great. I'm joining

@Devmen Welcome to the Alliance.

Thx a lot looking forward to working with ya

Server update, read the original post to learn more.

Hey, I'm a new pso2 player (having never played on the jp servers). Can I join you guys?


Of course we take everyone. As long as you follow the rules you are welcome.


Thanks. I'll be trying to learn this game so I don't end up not contributing.

@Altokia That won't be an issue. In a lot of the starting content we will be doing is just leveling and doing alliance client orders. So as long as you team up with other alliance members or take part in clearing the client orders you will contribute Alliance Points. There is nothing else you need to do besides that. Of course if you have questions or need help the people already in the Alliance will be more then happy to help out including myself.


Oh cool. I'll See you around the discord then.

@Altokia said in Ship 06: The Overlords Alliance is now recruiting:


Thanks. I'll be trying to learn this game so I don't end up not contributing.

You'll have a great time when you're with us

hey question just returning the favor and if you find yourself in ship 2 hit us up

@ATK-Blackdawn For sure. I plan on making at least 2 characters on ship 1 and 2 after the markets and economy settle.

I'll make a few characters for ship 2 as well

well if you ever need a spot on ship 2 feel free to look me up, xbox gt is ATK Blackdawn leader of Aim To Kill alliance on ship 2