No alliance

Alliance gone.

HAHAHA This sounds great. And the intro is funny as well. That's it overlords. I wish to join. This sounds fun as ffffff. I mean great. I'm joining

@Devmen Welcome to the Alliance.

Thx a lot looking forward to working with ya

Server update, read the original post to learn more.

Hey, I'm a new pso2 player (having never played on the jp servers). Can I join you guys?


Of course we take everyone. As long as you follow the rules you are welcome.


Thanks. I'll be trying to learn this game so I don't end up not contributing.

@Altokia That won't be an issue. In a lot of the starting content we will be doing is just leveling and doing alliance client orders. So as long as you team up with other alliance members or take part in clearing the client orders you will contribute Alliance Points. There is nothing else you need to do besides that. Of course if you have questions or need help the people already in the Alliance will be more then happy to help out including myself.


Oh cool. I'll See you around the discord then.

@Altokia said in Ship 06: The Overlords Alliance is now recruiting:


Thanks. I'll be trying to learn this game so I don't end up not contributing.

You'll have a great time when you're with us

hey question just returning the favor and if you find yourself in ship 2 hit us up

@ATK-Blackdawn For sure. I plan on making at least 2 characters on ship 1 and 2 after the markets and economy settle.

I'll make a few characters for ship 2 as well

well if you ever need a spot on ship 2 feel free to look me up, xbox gt is ATK Blackdawn leader of Aim To Kill alliance on ship 2