[Graphical Glitch]

I used the Salon yesterday, and after exiting the Salon I noticed my outerwear's are mostly glitched out (Pixelated), but this only happened after using the Salon, as it was fine before. Also, when I enter the salon, the outerwear looks fine, but when I exit, it's pixelated.

Basically, everything looked fine until I decided to enter the Salon (with my outerwear equipped) and made some changes to my character's height, then when I entered my outerwear was stuck permanently pixelated, and only looks correct when I'm inside the Salon again.

Any solution for this? Would greatly appreciate it.

For reference:

Outside the salon: 92ef1bc7-bdb4-48ca-aaa8-4e18804b83e9-image.png

Inside the Salon: alt text

Did you try changing the outerwear? Does it still occur then?

Yeah, I changed it, put it in storage, relogged, restarted my PC, previewed the same outerwear on the market, and it always looks pixelated now. Unless I go in the Salon again, then it looks good. Tbh, after using the salon, now I even see other people's outerwears as being kinda pixelated now and I didn't before. It's a mess.

Does it happen to other costumes too?

nope, costumes look fine. it's pretty much just happening to outerwear that's like cloaks/robes

Strange, well if the only variable you modified was your char height, I'd say it's somehow related to that.

Just to be safe (and free) you can at least try changing your hair, basewear, inner, and accessories to see if any of those things fix it. Also double check all of your video settings.

Just did what you said about changing basewear/hair etc and it looks like this in Salon:

alt text

Then I leave and it's like:

alt text

I'm crying

Does the coat pattern keep changing when you are moving around? Looks like it's trying to be reflective.

nah, it's a pretty plain coat (Lab Coat)

Have you verified your graphics drivers are up to date? What graphics card are you using if you know?

i have an rtx 2070.. it's not up to date on drivers though. i'm going to update and restart now

updated drivers, restarted, tried again and sheesh, it's still broken.

Edit: i changed my shader quality to high and that pretty much fixed the problem (it's only barely noticeable now) for me. looks a whole lot better now, so i'll take that.

Thanks for sticking around with me and helping, Xurai


@Mello No prob! Glad you've got it sorted now! 😄