What are these numbers. Is there something Im missing?

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So either Im missing something or there is literally zero reason to take the other stance considering the PASSIVE is just stronger in all regards. These numbers were taken off the skill simulator in arks-layer

You also have to take into consideration the Stance Up Skills, and that they are multiplicative.

  • Valiant Stance (140%) + Valiant Stance Up (110%) gives 154% when attacking from the front
  • Wise Stance (135%) + Wise Stance Up (130%) gives 175.5% when attacking from behind

You can just take Valiant and be perfectly fine in most cases (especially compared to when Valiant gave no bonus to rear damage), but as you can see, you get higher damage potential from Wise.

...Although I'm not sure how many bosses have their best hotspot on their backsides

@Noctosis Some, like Elder, actually calculate front and back based on the arena itself rather than the boss' body.

@AndrlCh I suppose all falz plus pd have that then...which begs the question of the next falz considering the weakpoints...

@Noctosis Most of weakpoints can be taken from front and back so its a choice you make based in your gameplay, most Big bosses like Elder counts like you are atacking from front and back, so there is no use to worry about it, i made a mistake leveling valiant since my playstyle always leaves me behind the target xD

Eh fair. I'm always going to do subpar damage being a gunblade main lol