Ultimate Quest already dead?

Cant get a single person to help with it, I thought there was a point to doing it on NA?

@ZeeHero9271 which one? Which ship? Was a UQ going on at the time? Did you join multiple blocks in progress?

Haven't experienced an issue getting a group personally, regardless of time of day.

Yeah what ship you on? I run Ultimates a LOT,in fact if I'm not working on my other classes,its what I am doing.

Maybe it was a bad time of day. I wanted to do lilipa. It seems that people insist you are level 75 for it though even if you are 70+ and have the appropriate gear already lol. I'll be 75 fully soon enough though.

@ZeeHero9271 I'm 75 and I NEVER see people staying in Lilipa. EVER.

@Morgothryuzaki I thought that was the popular one. also I finally got to do one, Lilipa, no good drops though.

@ZeeHero9271 What drops from Lilipa are the slave weapons. Even if you're going to be spamming the same thing for hours and hours in hopes to even see ONE of those. Same for the other Ultimate that drops Nemesis weapons.

@Morgothryuzaki Nemesis and Slave weapons come from somewhere, which means if anyone actually wants one theres 2 options.

Buy one for way more meseta than I'll ever see in my life, or get a drop they can sell for that meseta and buy the correct weapon.

@ZeeHero9271 Yep,but those Ultimate Quests are kinda the end game ATM.. So might as well just go where the most people go and not get fucked over repeatedly lmao.

@Morgothryuzaki Then I'll go to ultimate quest since that's where I see lots of people go. both times I've gone in, Lilipa and Naverius, theres been a lot of randoms farming.

the likelyhood of me getting enough meseta for a Nemesis Katana is next to zero. have you seen the prices? 30 to 50 million lol.

@ZeeHero9271 it depends the class you're playing. So far those I play aren't too expensive. So what I do is I run Ultimates,grind money and class excubes. Then if I get anything sellable,I do so. It racks up nicely.

Except I main Katana braver, which has the most expensive weapon.

@ZeeHero9271 your best bet will be to find a premade to run with and focus on only killing bosses. The mecha mobs kill underleveled people like crazy and unfocused groups spend more time killing movs than bosses, which doesn't help get the Slave series drops at all.

The more bosses you can kill the better.

Then do like I do. Grind the ex cubes on Ultimates and if you get something else,sell it. Its not always fun,yeah. But its when I just watch One Piece on the side etc.

I did a decent job surviving in UQ at level 71, and now I'm 74, I should hit 75 tonight.

Oh I'm on ship 3.