12 stars units question

Is there any ways to unbound those? My friend got a Ray unit he'd want to sell to me but we can't make it work

Xe Cube Exchange Shop has an item change user but not sure if it will work.

@animeregion We already tried that. It doesn't come up in the list to reset ownership.


Then that unit set is bound on pickup. This might change in the later updates.

That's just stupid. You can sell 13 stars weapons but 12 stars units are locked forever. OKAY THEN.

That's because Units are lower on the star scale than weapons. On JP even right now Units cap out at 13* while weapons go up to 15*. That and the fact more and more endgame stuff won't be tradable on NA.

I don't see why its this way. Who cares if someone can buy stuff with Mesetas on the play shops? I hope that if we cannot buy at all then at least drop rates will be decent..