(Steam Workaround)Attn: Windows 10 2004 PSO2 Transparent/Blank Icon in Windows Start Menu&Taskbar after installing from Microsoft Store

This is an issue exclusive to Windows 10 2004.

Did not find much on this topic besides a reddit post that was hard to find. So posting here to give a heads up. Hopefully will get fixed soon.blankicon1.PNG blankicon2.PNG

-latest updates to topic-*

*Related known issue; due to the blank icon if you update chipset drivers, monitor drivers or graphics card drivers this will cause your windows icon cache to refresh causing windows to no longer detect the installation of pso2.

*(TLDR-Some of these are advanced troubleshooting techniques and I do not recommend you attempt them unless you know what you are doing, but as stated here they will not resolve the issue at present time.) Troubleshooting i have attempted to resolve the issue includes; Clean Install of Windows 10 2004, DISM scan/restorehealth, SFC scan, Windows Store Apps TroubleShooter, wsreset, repair or reset under setting>apps>PSO2, uninstalling and reinstalling PSO2 multiple times, changing icon of the .exe file using a 3rd party resource tool, going into Regedit to point to the icon path file directly, clearing windows icon cache and rebuilding it.

*An official response after 31 days has been made. As of 7/15/2020 PSO2 Dev Team is currently investigating the issue.

*STEAM WORK AROUND. For some that can do so, those experiencing this issue with Windows Store Version of PSO2 you can use the newly released Steam version of PSO2. The icon will once again appear on Window 10 2004 Taskbar, etc. while launching and playing the game through Steam. Keep in mind this is not a solution for the Windows Store install so take it with a grain of salt.

I will continue to keep this updated until a solution has been made.

Having the very same issue. Same OS.

Same issue here, and it also started immediately after updating to Windows 10 2004.

I downloaded the tweaker and ran the troubleshooter, check files, new method. Found our that there were a lot of missing files. Might help, though i see that it doesn't work for everyone.

@drilus I have tried that before making this topic. I also took a look at your method 2, did not work in my situation.

@Bizwhy did you try the tweaker?

@LDragonBlade No i have not tried the Tweaker Launcher method. I have briefly taken looks at the process but uncertain about trying to circumvent the windowsapps folder.

Same problem here... I solved the problem by uninstalling Avast and reinstalling the game.

@BolAchUdO2 If only it was that simple, installed the game on a clean install of Windows 10 2004 without any 3rd party antivirus software besides Windows Microsoft's Defender and the issues still have persisted.

Yeah I've spent time trying to figure this out too, a clean install of 2004 didn't help. Trying to edit the .exe icon properties with an editor results in you claiming system ownership which probably would mess up your ability to play the game anyway, and even after I tried making a copy of it to be safe it just kind of crashes at any attempt even after claiming ownership with admin, user account, or system.

It is -hecking- broke.

Ever since I updated PSO2 / Windows, it will show the transparent icon in the task bar. The icon is fine as a start menu tile though.

I also had this problem. Have tried some workarounds, even editing the manifest file that points out the icon (Logo.png) but no success yet.

Same issue here. The app icon is now blank after installing Windows update version 2004.

dose any one have a work around for the client installer?