MutableBackup Deletion Wreaking Havoc?!

If this is out of place i apologize, but since i was troubleshooting common problems for this game initially, i thought this would be the place to ask. I've put the simplest most concise information in bold as well.

So my game stopped running as ive seen here, and long story short, i ended up deleting the contents of the MutableBackup folder from my hidden program files after giving myself administrator access, which i've seen suggested in several places to recoup the space this game ate. I thought i would delete the bloat, and try a fresh reinstall using PSO tweaker start to finish.

The only problem is, after deleting all the contents of the MutableBackup folder, my entire computer seems to be whacked out now! Icons aren't appearing in my toolbar, certain apps aren't running at all like they should... I've scoured google for anyone with any issue close to this to no avail, and now im here.

Has anyone experienced anything close to this? Maybe someone more tech savvy outright knows whats happened here?

I'd love to play and enjoy this game, as im quite passionate about it but JIMMINY CHRISTMAS what an absolute nightmare this is turning out to be.

Some other information:

  • if it matters, the entire process of finding, gaining access to, and deleting the contents of the MutableBackup folder were done without 7zip, treefile, or any other software.

  • i deleted any folders with oxyna in their titles, which happened to be everything within the mutable backup folder.

  • the initial installation was through the MS store.

  • ive tried factory resetting my PC to no avail.

  • file types now appear weirdly with mp4s in particular as "@{microsoft.zunevideo.."

  • other files will prompt me with "Windows cannt access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

I've never seen that happen before, but try this. Go back to the WindowsApps folder and change the owner to

NT Service\TrustedInstaller

Click check and it should change to TrustedInstaller with an underline. Save this and apply to all folders in WindowsApps. You're basically returning ownership back to the default owner. Next, open up the command prompt as an admin and run

sfc /scannow

This will check for corrupted or missing system protected files and repair or replace them. Once it finishes, assuming it tells you it repaired something you'll need to restart.

If this doesn't fix it you'll likely need to contact Microsoft support. Hope this helps.

I went back to the WindowsApp folder and the owner is set as TrustedInstaller already. probably due to the factory reset. I did not see 'NT Service/' or an underline beneath Owner: TrustedInstaller.

I did sfc /scannow and had "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

Do you have any other advice? Even if you don't i appreciate your effort. Hopefully someone else will come along with my same issue and a resolution.

I'm not really sure in that case. The NT Service portion of the name isn't terribly important - that's just part of the "path" to the TrustedInstaller user and when you check/apply the owner it won't show, so you're good there.

The file types you mentioned in your first post look like the Universal Windows Platform(UWP) naming convention. Basically, the apps we know and "love". They've been moving everything over to apps now(you've probably noticed Paint and the default media player are, if anything). Since it's a video file and it seems to be pointing at the Zune app it looks like your default factory media player is set to Zune(which is/was a microsoft thing)? That seems odd, as Windows Media Player or Groove Music are generally the default apps for media, and I didn't even know Zune was still a thing.

Do all the files having issues with permissions have paths like that? If so it does really suggest an issue with the Microsoft store or WindowsApps, but if it's persisting after a factory reset and restart I really don't know what could be causing it. You can manually adjust your user permissions as needed from the Security tab of the properties menu(which is preferred over changing the owner whenever possible) but again, if this is all persisting through a reset you might need to ask MS, especially if it's starting to interfere with actually doing anything.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.