Hey All,

Got 2 fresh drops looking to sell or trade:

Slave Shoes +10 - 8 Augment

Shield of Temptation Lv. 1

Mastery III / Mutation I / Precision I /Blind I Reflex II / Sovereign Ward III / Mark Joy / Lucky Charm II

Slave Cannon +4 - 6 Augment

Mastery III / Impact Ward II / Deftness II / Mark Grief / Stamina V / Lucky Charm III


I do need Slave Shoes since I'm a bouncer I just figure that someone may want this 8 slot, so instead of me breaking it down to 6 slot for myself I can trade with someone who's about that min/max life. So looking for lower slot shoes 6 and Maseta if trade.

For the Cannon, looking for Slave Cougar or Nemesis.

Both are up on Auction House for 40M and 25M respectively.