global launch

Hello. I have read the anouncment for the roadmap 2020. They say they are planning to do an global launch. My question right now:

Will e.g. europe get new Servers (Ships) or will they play on the same as NA right now? Don't want to spend more time on NA servers if I have to start over later this year on e.g. eu servers. Can Someone help me out on this one?

Maybe if there will be new servers, will there be an way to transfer to the new ones?


No one knows. But there's a rumour that ship 4-5 might be on hold for global release.

We are also working hard to introduce this legendary online action RPG to a global audience this year.

Since it is the NA team saying this, it is almost certain that the rest-of-world players will be joining the existing set of ships. They might open up Ships 4 and beyond when the game arrives on other PC platforms and more regions, but it is incredibly unlikely that they will open up a different set of ships entirely. There won't be "NA Ship 1" and "EU Ship 1" for instance.

Why does this matter? Because ships are not 100% separate. For instance:

  • One account is limited to 3 characters (plus paid extras) across all ships.
  • Some aspects of accounts such as map completion, story quest progress, titles, mission pass progress and accessory registration (after 2 uses) are cross-ship.
  • One account can only receive login stamps, campaign rewards and each mission pass reward once across all ships.
  • In the future NA may allow characters to transfer ships the way JP does.

A wholly separate set of ships would do all of these things differently. Normally when an MMO has a completely different service, it is managed by a different company. In this case the existing PSO2 team is talking about it, and it would really make no sense for them to support an entire separate service which would largely be identical to the existing one.

I also doubt if they were to support a EU release, they would want to start from day 1 of the cosmetics either. That would be a pretty low blow to the PC players starting late on US. So if Anything, I expect everything to be meshed under one set, maybe opening some of the 4-6 ships as a chance of EU to get it's footing.

@LordMonKeY1232 Things get messy when talking about servers so lemme clarify what I mean in what im about to say;

"Version" = The actual game client and set of servers it can connect to (PSO2 JP has its own set of updates, content, JP ships (Servers), etc)

"Servers" = The actual ships you pick at the start of the game.

There is very little evidence that an global launch would be an entirely separate "Version" with PSO2 NA, PSO2 EU and PSO2 JP. For one:

  • The "NA version" (soon to be "global version"), already has its own PEGI and ACB ratings assigned to its Microsoft Store page.
  • The "NA version"'s Privacy Policy makes mention of being compliant with EU Privacy Laws.
  • The game has a third language setting to display to other players what language you speak... even if the game's available globally as an English only (like SEGA's other global launches like Yakuza and so on), this setting might be expanded upon at least to display other spoken languages which are available around the globe (right now, only English and Japanese are available).
  • The unnecessary expense that is releasing another separate version with its own content updates with its own management team which all needs to be maintained... it is literally cheaper to just make the "NA version" be a "Global version".

So... with all that said, the global launch would literally be... what we already have now except without needing to change our region to download the game or buy AC. If we are lucky (Phantasy Star Universe and Blue Burst did NOT have EU-hosted servers as an option), the game might even have EU-hosted ships.... but that really shouldn't stop you from playing right now on the "NA version"... whenever the concept of EU servers come up, some people jump to the assumption that this means EU players can only EU servers (much like what would be the case with a separate "EU version")... all this would amount to is really just having a setup akin to this:

SHIP 1-3: NA Server SHIP 4-6: EU Server

So even after a global launch if say... you want to play with NA players, you can choose to make your character on Ships 1-3.

This is the most likely scenario for how a global launch might be handled...

On another note, could someone please answer why it is that many people jump to the assumption that an EU release would be a completely different version separate from the NA version and possibly starting from Day 1? I keep seeing this mentality everywhere despite it being unheard of for the franchise...

@Nerzarn said in global launch:

I also doubt if they were to support a EU release, they would want to start from day 1 of the cosmetics either. That would be a pretty low blow to the PC players starting late on US.

It depends on your mindset. Some of us would happily switch over to that release so we can have the complete experience that's been denied to us so far (but which remains easily fixable by just dumping 11 items in visiphones and rotating scratches and sales).

Yeah, I'm generally hopeful they re-rotate that kinda stuff on US either way anyhow. Otherwise you'd need to run two entirely separate scratch systems and such between EU and US which would require very different server setups. Due to them being apart. Unless they started rolling both from step 1. Either way I'm hoping to stay on the US side and eventually have full support for the external US currencies.