How do you change the starting basewear color?

I have seen some people before with a different color from the starting basewear outfit. Example being the Newman Base F. But I have no idea how. I got a color change pass to change the color out the outerwear outfit I bought, but the bright green of the basewear kind of clash's with the soft blue. Yet I really like how the Newman base looks, I just want the green to match the rest of the outfit. I have tried googling and asking folks, but the people I have asked have no idea how they got it to change and I can't find any info on google that specifically talks about the part I want to change.

Ah poo, well thank you for the info. It is good to know at least why I see some with different colors.

@AndrlCh My question is why do some Base Wear and/or Inner Wear simply not go over the Cast Female default Base Wear? It's really weird looking at what is essentially an unremovable, grafted robot skin on my Cast somehow have undergarments and tights slip under the unremovable Base Wear.

@LiquidSencha If you your CAST's default Basewear persists even when you change the Basewear, then that is a bug.

@LiquidSencha you have to play around with the layers, changing both innerwear and basewear, to get a human looking CAST female. I did this to make my female CAST Ranger/Gunner, look similar to Kurumi from Date Alive.

Not sure this will fix your issue but it may help so i'll mention something i found today.

on PC hit Esc for lower menu. go to System / Options

Game Settings / Other Settings

Automatic Synchronization for Model Editing

if you haven't already found & tried messing with that. then it may well be a bug/glitch.

if something like, going into Salon & saving with an arbitrary change, doesnt fix the glitch for you.. then yeah I'm not sure, still pretty green to pso2.