Game won't open at all

@Radatz117 Ah. If you want to delete the files you need to change ownership to the folder it's in and it's contents for both ModifiableWindowsApps and WindowsApps. For some reason Microsoft thought it was a good idea for a game to only be modified by their insidiously named TrustedInstaller software.

Seriously though, who the hell decided to name it TrustedInstaller, might as well called it "DefinitelyNotAVirus".

well add my name to the list of windows updates killing pso2...guess i will try to uninstall and reinstall and see what happens

  • well forget that idea...the app wont uninstall either. i also tried the repair and that caused an error.

guess i cant play until windows fixes whatever they did to break the client. the game died after todays windows 10 update.

This issue finally just caught up with me.

In looking at it, I'm now looking at that WindowsApps folder that it fills with junk. Mine was placed on my D drive alongside the game, and had managed to accumulate 163gb's of stuff for Phantasy Star Online... O.o

These are files that do NOT get deleted when you uninstall. In there I found a folder that had all the exe's of the game that this morning vanished from Program Files.

I'm guessing the game broke because it got moved into a folder even an Administrator cannot read.

Here is an article on how to get access to the WindowsApps folder. I recommend using the manual process and not the 'download our tool to do this for you' method...

@Kichwas i have no idea how but the app is gone from my PC is even letting me download it again from the windows store. earlier it would just say, you already have this installed. guess we will see if it works.