Game won't open at all

my game wont open too this is the 3rd time now, it was completely fine yesterday but when i open it today nothing happens so im reinstalling it again 😕 if this happen again i might just go play fortnite while killing my self.

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Im not very good with computers at all so guess I'm just screwed bs just spent money in game too

man i hear ya and i am fairly good with computers.. just spent round $90 just before everything went to hell.. havnt been able to log in for nearly a week now. nothing is working not even tweaker. everything just wants to redownload over and over again.

Well, I tried reinstalling the game twice, on the first attempt it was not opening, but wasn't showing errors, on the second attempt after trying to fix It i clicked on every single thing that says "fix" on the tweaker and then it showed an error saying "Cannot find 'vivoxsdk.dll'. Please, re-install the application", at this point I'm just going to wait for this to get fixed.

I feel all your pain. I'm currently on my 3rd download run for the game as well. The tweaker so had worked wonders when it came to troubleshooting. However since my internet connection it's a glorified hotspot, the download takes forever. In average it's about 100 files an hour with over 8500 to go. Guess I'm lending my laptop to a coworker again to finish up the downloads. It's amazing that i can play the game with little lag, using the same connection.

@MasterWimbley if my ticket ever gets a fucking reply I'm demanding a refund you should too or maybe I have to go through Microsoft store directly for refund not sure.

I had uninstalled the game (but it only took away the launcher big woop) and downloaded the game through PSO2 tweaker. You make a whole new folder in your hard drive and install the game in there. Afterwards I troubleshooted in the tweaker and fixed all the game files and file permissions and then downloaded the game launcher through windows store and eventually got the launcher to launch when I used the PSO2 tweaker to start PSO2. I would try doing this. It took me like all day but i finally got the launcher to open up. It is downloading some files currently when I opened it up. I'll keep you guys updated on if I can actually get the game client to play.

@DenatoScarecrow I appreciate it hope it works but still why the hell did we have to do this it's ridiculous. A great game is being ruined by this shit.

@Radatz117 yeah I don't know mate but this is the first time in like a day that I've actually been able to open the launcher and I'm happy for at least that.

Update: I'm in game and currently doing alts awww yeah!

@DenatoScarecrow my bro updated windows again today and is reinstalling if it works ill try it hopefully that work you got sticks tho.

@Radatz117 we'll see bud. Hopefully it works for ya!

Ok so super weird but found a fix I checked for a windows update and had a small antivirus update after it was done I was able to reinstall game from micrisoft store and it works...i dunno computers no clue why this worked for both me and my brother.

Same issue here, played yesterday with no issues, and got that random 'problem and need to reinstall' issue, after i had to work with all the security, readable, total control fixes to be able to play, if i have to do all of that again after reinstalling, i'll be asking for a refund and wait for the game to launch in steam.

@Miasu I woke up to this problem today :(. I think I might have traced some files back, but just to be sure, would you know the types of folders I should be looking for to delete? The only folder I can find only has 18MB in it.

Well, I think I fixed mine, I use the tweaker to play the game, so I uninstalled the game itself, after reinstalling it, it also was not opening, but when I clicked "check for updates" on the tweaker, it seemed to crash, but after some time (like an hour later) the launcher started downloading 93k files that were "missing". After waiting a couple more hours the game took to download itself, it's running with no problems since then.