Tip: Want To Know Where To Complete the Client Orders You've Taken Up? Press the Tab Button (shoulder buttons on controllers)

Pressing the tab, or shoulder buttons for controllers, will change the tab of the client order list of the character you're talking to, from all to a location tab like Forest or Volcano and so on. This will help you out in figuring out where to go to complete the order and plan better in picking up a various other orders to complete at the same time if in they're in the same general planet. I'm sure others will have better way in organizing your client orders, but for now this is a good way to figure out where to go, especially if it's for an enemy you couldn't figure out where to find and kill. Hope this helps, from one new player to another.

@Guilrel Thanks, that will be helpful. I had a hard time finding just about every quest, i usually stumbled on the right one, lol.

Wish I had known this.... /cry